Rossana María Delucchi

Rossana María Delucchi
Attorney, International Law Adjunct Professor, and Public Relations Specialist

• Detail and result driven professional with over 10+ years of experience in the areas of law and social sciences, public diplomacy and social programs, and performance analysis who can analyze, organize, and execute.
• Positive approach with good interpersonal skills and a thorough knowledge of Diplomatic Standards of Practice, International Policy and International Trade, business development and strategic planning, media relations and client relationship management.
• Extensive public relations and organizational administration experience in major decision-making, research and planning strategies for social policy and political strategy, economics and culture.
• Effective communicator able to express thoughts clearly and concisely in multiple languages.

Private Attorney and Legal Consultant 2007 – present

Embassy of Switzerland, DC 2010 – present
Swiss Club Publicity Officer; Board Member – Washington D.C.

Spanish Instructor 2013 – present
Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital – Washington D.C.

Legal Consultant / Public Relations Officer 2011 – 2012
Inter-American Bar Association – Washington D.C.

Legal Consultant / Public Relations Specialist 2008 – 2011
Organization of American States (OAS) – Washington D.C.

Legal Consultant 2007 – 2011
Private Legal Counsel of the German Embassy – Montevideo, Uruguay

International Law Adjunct Professor 2002 – 2008
University of the Republic of Uruguay – Montevideo, Uruguay

Spanish Instructor/Tutor and Consultant 2005 – 2007
German Embassy – Montevideo, Uruguay

Immigration Officer / Personal Assistant to the Director of Immigration, Uruguay 1993 – 1995
Uruguayan Ministry of Interior/ National Directorate of Immigration – Montevideo, Uruguay

As assistant to the Organization of the American States (OAS) Press Department Director, provided executive support to the Director and served as liaison routinely responding to external queries from and interacting with outside agencies, providing policy guidance, conducting research on a wide range of issues, and managing the elaboration of reports.

• Coordinated various aspects of OAS national and international consumer media relations to include:
- Conducting outreach to a broad and diverse range of interest groups.
- Serving as point of contact for information about the OAS and its mission affairs.
- Assisting in organizing press/social events for OAS officials and visiting dignitaries.     

As a legal counselor researched, analyzed and evaluated specific OAS programs for the development of concept procedures and standards and made recommendations for changes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of distinct programs to include:
- Research, review and analysis of the OAS Legal Tribunal rules and regulations and to the sentences passed by the Tribunal from 2000 to June 2009 to reflect the findings of new evidence.
- Research, review and analysis of the UN Administrative Tribunal New Justice Administration System in order to update OAS procedures.
- Research, review analysis of the Constitutions, laws and administrative procedures of Central America and the USA related to drug abuse (to include alcohol) to formulate a series of reports detailing the social, financial, cultural and security impact this issue has in various areas throughout America.
- Overseeing of the Executives Orders related to organizational structure and administrative procedures of the OAS website and setting up contract guidelines for the OAS magazine (Americas).

• As Legal Consultant/Public Relations Officer for the Inter-American Bar Association, oversaw the planning and execution of logistics and operations for the Association's annual conferences in Isla Margarita, Venezuela and Miami, Florida to include private meetings, seminars, and special events.          

SPANISH -Native Proficiency
ENGLISH -Excellent Proficiency; Oral, written comprehension and communication
GERMAN -Very Good Proficiency; Oral, written comprehension and communication
FRENCH -Good Proficiency; Oral, written comprehension and communication
PORTUGUESE -Good Proficiency; Oral, written comprehension and communication
ITALIAN -Good Proficiency; Oral, written comprehension and communication       

2012 International Law: United Nations University of Peace
2010 International Humanitarian Law: Organization of American States and International Committee of the Red Cross
2009 Strategic Communication: Organization of American States
2009 Rights to Access Public Information: Organization of American States
2009 Practical Skills and Cross Examination in International Arbitration: American University
2009 Effective Strategies for International Communication: Organization of American States
2007 Doctorate in Law and Social Sciences: Uruguay University of the Republic
2005 International Trade Assistant Certification: Uruguayan-German Chamber of Commerce
2005 Documentary Credit Certificate: Uruguayan-German Chamber of Commerce
2001 German Language Certification: Goethe Institute
1997 B.S. Law and Social Sciences: Uruguay University of the Republic
1990 Public Relations Diploma: International Teaching Corporation