Juan Martín Sapelli Sienra

Name: Juan Martín Sapelli Sienra
Nationality: Uruguayan Date of Birth: August 17th, 1986
Marital Status: Single
Languages: Spanish and English. Reading and writing in Italian and Portuguése.

Lawyer and Paralegal
Doctor in Law and Social Sciences graduated from the University of Montevideo in 2010.

Notary Public
Degree in Notary Public awarded by University of Montevideo, 2013.

Applicant for the course in Integration Law, School of Law, University of Montevideo, together with professors and lawyers Mr. Juan Mailhos and Mr. Jorge Fernandez Reyes, both of them professors and head of such department.

Academic Week: "The Latest news on Tax Law" organized by the Institute of Public Finances, held on November 29th and 30th, 2011.

- Seminar on Law 18,930 (Communication of shareholders to the Central Bank of Uruguay or share nomination of Uruguayan Corporations) delivered by CADE (2012).

- Seminar on Law 19,090 (Amendments to the General Code of Procedures) delivered by CADE (2013).

- Seminar on Renewable Energy delivered by CADE (2014).

Article named "Effects of Financial Inclusion Law (19,210) in Rural Areas", published by "Semanario Búsqueda", 2014.
Article named "Financial Inclusion Law (19,210). Real-estate leases and subleases", published by "Semanario Búsqueda", 2014.