Questioned Documents Department:

Forensic Document Examination or as it is named nowadays Documentology is a discipline whose purpose is to determine the authenticity or authorship of documents by applying scientific and methodical processes. This science is within Criminalistics and, therefore, directly related to Law and used as a mean of evidence in court proceedings, whether criminal or civil, commercial, labor and in any other field of law.

This discipline is mainly required to determine the authenticity or not of signatures and texts, falsification of documents, both private and public, writing times (with restricted results), ink examinations and any other queries related to said science, whether for judicial purposes or not.

Our Expert on this discipline, Lawyer Mr. Carlos Peña Rachetti, Forensic Document Examiner from the Forensic Science Technician Institute, is part of 5 generations of professionals with an exclusive experience within our country and having founded, together with other colleagues, the Uruguayan Society of Forensic Documents Examiners, of which is active members.

Consequently, our clients may receive consultancy on this discipline in addition to legal and notarial consultancy services, thus, rendering an integral service supported by a multi-disciplinary and experienced professional staff.